Voumard Cards

Voumard Cards

In Boutin S.L. We have parts for your grinding machine VOUMARD grinding machines, for more information of other pieces please feel free to contact us here.

Turret card 4 Control positions FMS6 / VM-0228-01441-4 Tarjeta VM-0228-01441-4


REFU1 switching card and REFU2 / remote-control-228-00457-3

remote-control voumard

turret position contact card FMS6 / VM-0228-01448-3Tarjeta VM-0228-01448-3


Power relay 24v / VM-0228-01434

Relé de potencia 24v / VM-0228-01434


Power relay 24v / 0228-00165-9

Relé de potencia 24v / 0228-00165-9

Double power relay 24v / VM-0228-01435-4

Doble relé de potencia 24v / VM-0228-01435-4

Card Connection / VM-0228-00442-4

Tarjeta de conexión / VM-0228-00442-4


Tarjeta Voumard 0228-00139-3

Power supply FMS6-5V-44AFuente de alimentación FMS6-5V-44A


Filtro Schaffner – FN-612-20-03Filtro Schaffner – FN-612-20-03

Power supply FMS6-50.70.031Fuente-alimentacion FMS6-50.70.031


rack para cnc 200 - cnc 400

monochrome display for FM 6pantalla monocromo FM6