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BOUTIN Machine 210 CNC

BOUTIN Machine 210 CNC

On a machine basis VOUMARD grinding machines CNC 210 or CNC 410 BOUTIN SL reconstructs and modernizes Grinding machines interior according to customer requirements and with CE Certification.


  • Complete disassembly of the machine.
  • Sandblasted to completely remove the original painting.
  • complete painting of the entire machine with bi-component paint resistant cutting oil and coolant.
  • Change Guides and Ball Screw of all axes.
  • Control of the pairs of the ballscrew.
  • complete geometry of the whole machine.
  • Vibrating turbine control.
  • Complete Diamond Door Review.
  • Improvements of the parts for the reliability of the machine.
  • New carénage.


  • Change the numerical control (FANUC)
  • Change the electrical connectors of the turbines.
  • Change all cables and sensors.
  • Absolute Optical Ruler Installation.
  • Change of all engines.
  • Change of frequency converter of the last generation turbines.
  • New electric cabinet.
  • New screen 15″ tactile FANUC.
  • New FANUC keyboard.


  • New hydraulic and pneumatic group.
  • New hydraulic and grease pumps .
  • Change of all hydraulic and pneumatic pipes.
  • Change of all dispensers and air-oil mixers .


  • New software (CONVERSACIONAL MENU) Developed for these models of grinding machines.


  • Development and manufacture of Chargers and robots according to customer specification.
  • Development of rectification process according to customer's parts.
  • Training for operators.