In Boutin SL We carry out maintenance for your VOUMARD grinding machines guaranteeing a good operation and increase of life to your machine and to avoid damages.

We perform interventions for your VOUMARD machines in whole Europe, US and Latin America.



For help or troubleshooting of your cylindrical grinding machine please contact us at 0034 600 280 440 or send a message here

Preventive Maintenance:

Avoid interventions in emergency situations. Plan your production and you will surely have the spare parts for your machine.


After moving or relocate your machine, e can make the start-up for proper use.

Spare parts:

BOUTIN SL can provide spare parts for your VOUMARD grinding machines.

Geometric control and vibration test:

We make all kinds of geometric controls of your machine, as well as tests of vibration of its turbine and axes identical to those realized during the assembly of the machine.