Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps you avoid emergency interventions, You can plan your production to maintenance operations and you will have the spare parts for your grinding machine VOUMARD grinding machines.

In BOUTIN SL ofrecemos contratos de mantenimiento preventivo. You will have the certainty of having spare parts available and in turn you are assured of a good performance of your grinding machines.

During preventive maintenance, we control:

  • The conditions of the guides and ball screws (visual control, torque control)
  • Vibration control pins, Diamond grinding spindle and doll room door
  • Axis positioning repeatability, turret, diamond door
  • Checking lubrication axis, control of all hydraulic and pneumatic
  • At the end of the intervention, we publish a report that will indicate the problems encountered on your machine, as well as the solutions to bring back to the original state..


control de repitibilidad

Geometric and Vibration Control

prueba de vibración